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  1. Barry Hyde and business partner Dan Donnelly

    “this is a programme designed for the 21st century music business”

    published on 04 december 2020

    "it’s no longer enough to be just a musician; you have to be a business-person, an entrepreneur, a social media expert..."

  2. Jordan North and pals

    jordan north: from fresh-faced university student to king of the welsh jungle?

    published on 04 december 2020

    how jordan became our own king of the castle

  3. Drew Dalton

    award-winning academic selected for global training programme

    published on 04 december 2020

    drew dalton is one of 20 global activists selected for a united nations programme supporting the rights of the lgbtiq community

  4. Judith Cossey with her family

    “i felt like the ground was swallowing me up, but i knew i had people there"

    published on 03 december 2020

    "there are people still willing to support you even when you have flown the nest"

  5. Chris Cameron

    partially-sighted student launches dream radio show

    published on 02 december 2020

    hip-hop artists have been given a new platform for their music thanks to a student who launched his own radio show  

  6. Georgios Vasilakis

    diary of an international student in lockdown

    published on 02 december 2020

    "i don't think i'll go home for christmas, i feel safe here in sunderland"

  7. Dr Alex Lockwood

    “i was on the phone to margaret atwood while having a covid test”

    published on 27 november 2020

    the event brings together the likes of margaret atwood, dame emma thompson and lily cole 

  8. Carley Solomon.

    holy smokes, batman! - this sunderland mum is knocking on the door of hollywood

    published on 27 november 2020

    "i toured with x factor and bgt throughout my studies and set up my own production company"

  9. Hannah Browell

    super-nurse ready to take on the world

    published on 27 november 2020

    every year hundreds of new nurses, care workers, and doctors graduate from the university of sunderland

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